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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the Concierge?

The French word ”concierge,” literally translated, means “keeper of the keys.” In the Middle Ages, concierges were the administrators of estates, acting on behalf of the owner. Their chief responsibility was to make sure traveling guests had all needs met during their stay at the manor.

Why Use TCS Concierge Services?

If you are going to travel then travel well!

At TCS Concierge Services we don’t just bring you to the place.  Try to imagine all of your senses being stimulated on board an air-conditioned, high design riverboat with floor to ceiling glass windows, a primo cocktail bar and wine cellar, and a gourmet tasting menu designed by the top chef in the region.  Need a hotel in Boston, we’ll find you the latest it spot or the closest room to where you need to be.

Our services aren’t for everyone. Not even close! Corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes, and other discerning individuals interested in living life to its fullest have us on speed dial. TCS has secured its provocative reputation as the premiere lifestyle, concierge, and travel service.  We offer the highest level of personalized travel, transportation, and cutting-edge entertainment services.

The TCS experience in coordinating complicated travel for prestigious passengers is second to none. We will customize your entire trip, getting you from one point to the other with as little inconvenience and as much comfort as possible.  Wherever you would like to go, no matter how remote or exclusive, Bluefish has the tools to make it happen. You’ll go where the typical traveler can’t. You’ll have inside access to the people in the know. The ones that make things happen.

What if I need something not listed?

As long as it’s ethical, lawful, and life and limb are not at risk, we will accommodate your request.

Is my personal information secure?

Client privacy and customer confidentiality are maintained to the highest of standards. We do not trade, sell, or share your information with advertisers or unaffiliated third parties.

Payment Process

TCS Concierge Services requires credit card authorization before requests are fulfilled.

Upon completion of your request, we will email or fax a final invoice to you. Copies of receipts and other additional expense receipts are provided via e-mail for all requests.

Occasionally, the final cost of service provided may be slightly more or less than the estimated amount. We will inform you of an increase in cost before executing the task.

Third Party Vendors

TCS Conceirge Services will not be liable for any loss, disappointment, cost, expenses or damage of any nature (whether direct or indirect) as a result of goods or services provided by any third party. TCS Concierge Services will deliver professional services at all times and will ensure privacy and respect of our clients personal information.

Service Agreements

Clients must sign a standard agreement form detailing scope of work, cancellation policy, confidentiality policy, limitation of liability, authorization forms, statement of fees, terms of terminating contract. 'The Agreement' is binding until the completion of the job or when terminated by the client or TCS Concierge Services.


TCS serves quality life experiences to the elite of taste and mind.  Call (516)429-3431 Today!



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